Regional Festal Evensong

Dunstable Priory Church of St Peter, Bedfordshire

Sunday 26th July 2009

Dunstable Priory Church

A regional evensong took place at Dunstable Priory on 26 July.

Nearly seventy singers of all ages from across the region came together to sing Choral Evensong, including Canticles by Walmisley in D minor and the anthem Greater Love by Ireland. The director was Marie Price and the organist was Martin Hart.

Report by Peter Hatswell

Bearing in mind the last few weeks wet weather, we all thought we were in for more of the same but the sun shined meekly and most of those who promised to come, plus quite a few others, enjoyed a splendid evensong under the expert direction of Marie Price.

The parts were well balanced with more than 60 singers in the chancel from 12 affiliated choirs. Schubert’s Holy,Holy, Holy was sung as an introit (in German) followed by Smith 5-part responses, Walmisley’s D minor canticles and Ireland’s Greater Love.

Martin Hart provided an accomplished organ accompaniment, concluding with Handel’s famous organ concerto in B flat.

Many favourable comments on the event were received particularly from those choirs who do not often have the luxury of singing in 4 (or 5) parts.

Rector Revd Richard Andrews thought it was a brilliant event, with the rain only commencing just as we were about to leave. A summer afternoon well spent.

Some comments on the event: