St Albans Area Youth Singers

Day course and evensong in St Albans Cathedral

Monday 26 October 2009

St Albans Cathedral

On Monday 26 October, 20 young singers from across the Diocese came together in St Albans for the first time as the RSCM Area Youth Singers.

They began the day at the Abbey Primary School with some warm ups and activities to get them singing in parts, then set to work to learn the music for evensong, to be sung later that day.

The music was largely unknown to the choristers, yet they learned an anthem in 2 parts, 46 verses of psalms, responses in 3 parts and very tricky canticles featuring changes of time signature almost every bar.

Directing the choir was Marie Price and the organist was Dr John Winter.

They were a friendly group, and break times saw groups of choristers playing cards, chatting or playing basketball or even darts!

Everyone worked really hard and a great deal was achieved. For many this was their first experience of singing evensong in the Abbey; if not absolutely perfect, the service was well received and many said they had enjoyed it, both singers and congregation. Well done everyone!

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Below are some photos of the event
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Some comments on the event: