Syllabus, assessment and entry dates

The 2014 national syllabus (including regulations and marking criteria) for Dean’s Awards and Bishop’s Awards remains in force for 2020, and may be downloaded from this link : 2014 syllabus.

The supplementary repertoire list is also available from this link : 2014 repertoire list.  This offers additional material beyond the Bronze and Silver collections, especially for lower voices at Bishop’s Award level.

Assessment dates for 2020/2021 will be announced as soon as possible.

Please note that if we receive more entries than can reasonably be heard on any date, priority for appointments will be offered in order of receipt.  Entries beyond this limit will be offered a later date (which will usually mean waiting until the next session).  The same applies to requests for morning/afternoon only.  All entries will be acknowledged on receipt, subject to checking; confirmation of appointments will normally be sent out as soon as possible after the closing date.

In addition to Adobe format, entry forms are also available as Word 2010 files, onto which entries can be keyed directly – though some printers may corrupt the format.  The option remains to print out the pdf versions for manual completion.

Click here for the Dean’s Award entry form as a Word 2010 file.

Click here for the Dean’s Award entry form as a pdf.

Click here for the Bishop’s Award entry form as a Word 2010 file.

Click here for the Bishop’s Award entry form as a pdf.

Please use these forms, which are customised for use in this area, rather than the generic forms available on the main RSCM web-site.

The person completing page 1 is deemed to be the applicant, with whom the contract of examining is made, and we are able to correspond directly only with that person.  If this is other than the choir trainer, the applicant is responsible for passing on information as required.  Candidates under the age of 18 are not allowed to self-enter.  For multiple entries in the same session from the same church by the same applicant, page 1 only needs to be completed once.

The Choir Questionnaire on page 4 of these forms is designed to help examiners in framing questions for section E appropriate to the local experience of candidates.  Once submitted, it will be kept on file for future entries.  It only needs to be re-submitted it if there is any material change from the previous submission, when any previous versions will be deleted from our file.

Fees are as shown on the entry forms.  The price for medals and ribbons for successful candidates is set by RSCM Music Direct, and may change at any time; this is beyond our control.  It helps our stock control and our ability to supply these promptly after results are confirmed if they are pre-ordered when entering.  Delays may occur if they are only ordered after results have been issued, and we may have to pass on the additional postage cost levied by RSCM Music Direct for a small order.

Awards information

Sample sight reading tests and other materials are available in the new Voice for Life Guide to musicianship publication and the accompanying resources as listed at

2019 Area statistics

We congratulate the following successful Dean’s Award candidates from our Area:

Bedford St Andrew Cecilia Kilpatrick Highly Commended
Harpenden St Nicholas Elizabeth Maddock Highly Commended
Harpenden St Nicholas Theodore Croot Highly Commended
Harpenden St Nicholas Rafferty Oscar Smith Commended
Harpenden St Nicholas Ivo McGrandle Highly Commended
Harpenden St Nicholas Hilary Pask Highly Commended

Dean’s Award : 6 candidates, of whom 5 Highly Commended , 1 Commended.

We congratulate the following successful Bishop’s Award candidates from our Area:

Dunstable Priory St Peter Harry Paul Dumbleton Commended

Bishop’s Award : 1 candidate, Commmended 

We also congratulate the following successful candidates from our Area for Gold Awards :

Daisy Groet Great Berkhamsted, St Peter
Ben Watson Hitchin, St Mary
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