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St. Albans, Hertford & Bedford Area

Area Choirs Festival 2018 booking form

Please complete one form per choir, and either send a scanned copy as an e-mail attachment to, or a completed hard copy to Peter Garner, 34 Moorland Road, Hemel Hempstead, HP1 1NH, in either case supported by payment as shown overleaf.
(Print the form before you press the Send button - but do not omit to press the Send button or your booking will not be logged in the system.)

Church and affiliation (required):
Please indicate if you are an individual member rather than belonging to an affiliated choir: YesNo
Name of applicant (required):
Designation (e.g. choir leader):
Address (required):
Email Address (required):
Telephone (required):

If the group will be in the charge of someone else at the regional rehearsal and/or at the Festival, please give their details here:

Email Address:
This applies to: the regional rehearsalthe day of the Festivalboth (Please tick as appropriate.)

Number of singers being booked:

Treble: Soprano: Alto or equivalent: Tenor: Bass:


Use this number for the booking table below.

How many of these are under 18 on the date of the rehearsal and/or Festival?

These must be accompanied by the choir leader or nominated representative as identified above. A parental consent form must be completed for each one and brought to both events by the supervising adult. Click here for the Parental Consent form.

Which regional rehearsal is your group attending?
AmpthillSt Albans (Please tick as appropriate.)

How many younger voices will be attending their separate rehearsal at Harpenden instead?

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Please complete your booking details here. Cheques should be made payable to “RSCM St Albans area”. Alternatively, electronic payment may be made to account number 00029988 on sort code 40-52-40, quoting the identity of the applicant or church.

I wish to pay by chequeI wish to pay by bank transfer

Singers total as above at £7.50 each including music book:
Less discount of £1.50 per singer for bookings and payments received by 12th September.

Payment must be received by this date to qualify

Less deduction for (insert quantity) music books at £3.50 each already in your stock from your own direct purchase or from the Regional Evensong earlier in the year.

Photocopying or sharing of music books is not permitted

Plus an additional (insert quantity) music books at £3.50 each if you wish to take advantage of stocking your choir library
Total payment.

All correspondence will be with the person identified above as the applicant. The RSCM Area Committee cannot accept responsibility for other arrangements. If a receipt is required for payment by cheque, please enclose a stamped addressed envelope when sending it.

Declaration by applicant

At the regional rehearsal and at the Festival

- I undertake that all members of my group will be under my responsibility, or that of the representative identified above;
- I accept that all members of my group will observe appropriate instructions given to them by the organisers;
- I undertake to have appropriate consent forms to hand for any participants under 18 on the day.

Signature : ___________________________________ Date : _____________

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